Designer Statement

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

I see design as a visual language, one which is interdisciplinary, problem-solving and is able to combine visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge. The concept behind my work evolves from my outlook on the world and its innovations. I see life as a journey, one that everyone helps to create and maintain together.

My design process is dependant on the scope of the project, time-frame and budget. Although it almost always starts with some research, followed by hand drawn sketches to digital execution and final presentation. I am always open to new ideas and I appreciate and consider all opinions and constructive advice from others. My work is always precisely executed and completed to perfection in a highly skilled manner. I never settle for anything less then perfect in my final pieces and I do admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I also keep an aesthetic approach to my work, so that in some way, the viewer will stay interested; however, this approach depends on what the design is communicating to the viewer. In my web design I try to stay away from small competing elements and focus on easy navigation and user friendly interfaces. For example, avoiding “loading bars”. I always keep the clients interests in mind and I try to provide several variations for them to choose from as starting points. I like my work to be surprising, innovative and be able to send a clear message to the viewer.

I have many influences. My favorite artist is Claude Monet, the leader of the Impressionist movement. The effect of light on colour and the beauty of nature explode throughout his artwork. I love how Monet was not afraid to take chances, and even though society at the time felt his paintings were not “true art” he persevered and is now considered to be one of the greatest artists of all time. I feel that my design work is mostly influenced by my clear understanding of art and design history mixed together and are guided by intuition and education. Even though I do have a couple favorite designers from the past, I tend to be inspired by all of the design movements. I love the work of A.M. Cassandre and Herb Lubalin. However, I am an artist at heart, and before I embarked into graphic design I was mostly a painter and I feel that has influenced me as well. Applying a sort of painterly approach to design, which is why I am always looking at the design as a whole, and ensuring that all the small details blend cohesively together.

Sometimes I wonder whether I fit into a certain category. At this present time, it has been said that we are in the contemporary movement. I wonder if I myself am a post-modernist or if maybe one day I can start my own movement, which is what my manifesto is all about. My manifesto could be going over many ideas that might have been mentioned before, and maybe things that people might not agree with. However, I feel that maybe it is needed. That designers and clients need to be pushed into new ideas and be aware of what may be possible.