Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am an art director and graphic designer from Toronto with over 10 years of experience from London to New York in mostly fashion and finance industries. Please note that this website does not include my entire body of work due to copyright and due to the limitations of the internet, most pictures and animations have lost their original quality. I’m always interested in exhibiting my work, if you have an artist-run center or a professional gallery please connect with me. Please note that I do not have a Facebook account and if you are viewing this website through a corporate firewall, it may have disabled the CSS.

Thank you for visiting,

Tamara Berk, B.Des., M.Sc.

P.S. Check out my children’s book, Garby the Garbage Truck, available on Amazon. Teach your child about recycling and the environment. Join Garby as he picks up garbage and finds out the landfill is full. After a bump in the road, he realizes that it isn’t all garbage after all.